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"We could not have done the numbers or get the Customer their units without your help this year. I really appreciate the communication that you provided. It helped us all make better decisions. I do look forward to working together next year. Thanks again for all the hard work. Please extend this to your team as well."
- Vicki Redinger,   Airborne Products

MAG: Military Aerospace and Government

SVT’s MAG Unit is focused on customers with strategic, complex, and highly diversified requirements that require fully integrated solutions.

SVT’s MAG Unit, with over 35 years of industry-leading expertise, is a trusted provider of systems and technologies with extensive capabilities and expansive portfolio to seamlessly deliver with absolute confidence – faster and effectively. MAG ’s system offerings enable on-demand information and decision-making, mission critical computing requirements anytime, anywhere. Providing more than just build-to-print, SVTronics knows what it takes to turn enclosures, cables, boards and racks into real solutions. We are constantly building innovative, cutting edge computers that can take on anything – from harsh temperatures and weather extremes to dust, drops and vehicle vibration. SVT’s solutions are preferred by customers that demand high performance from their systems in any element

Core Competencies

  • Engineering Services
  • Custom Manufacturing Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Display Technologies
  • Tactical Rugged Computing
  • After Sales Support/ Repair Services