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"We could not have done the numbers or get the Customer their units without your help this year. I really appreciate the communication that you provided. It helped us all make better decisions. I do look forward to working together next year. Thanks again for all the hard work. Please extend this to your team as well."
- Vicki Redinger,   Airborne Products

TI Jacinto

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DRA74x/DRA75x/TDA2x CPU Board (EVM5777BG-03-00-00)
J6/DRA74x/DRA75x/TDA2x CPU Board  Hardware Features TDA2X CPU BOARD TDA2x Processor 4GB DDR3L TPS659039 Power Management IC 4 GB eMMC Compatible with TDA2P/TDA4-ACD EVM and Texas Instruments TDA4VMX..
J6 DRA77xP/DRA76xP CPU EVM Board   Hardware Features TDA2X CPU BOARD DRA77x Processor 4GB DDR3L TPS65917 + LP87565 Power Management IC Devices 4 GB eMMC Compatible with TDA2P/TDA4-ACD EVM and Te..
Fusion Application Daughter Board (EVM577PFUSION-V1-0)
Fusion Application Daughter Board   Hardware Features Fusion Application Board 4 Camera Inputs 4 Radar Inputs 4 HSD Inputs Dual 960 FPD-Link to CSI2 interface Compatible with TDA2P/TDA4-ACD EVM ..
TDA3 / DRA78XEVM(EVMTDA3G-02-40-00)
TDA3X Evaluation Module AVAILABILE IN JUNE 2021 Hardware Features TDA3X CPU BOARD TDA3x Processor 4GB DDR3L 1GB QSPI, 512MB NOR 256KB I2C EEPROM SD/MMC Socket LP8733 & LP8732 PMICs So..